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 Welcome to Orléans and the Centre-Val de Loire region!

Although we are only one hour from Paris, it would be a shame to miss out on the vast touristic experience of the city of Orléans and its surroundings:  

- Its heritage sites such as the Hôtel Groslot, the Sainte-Croix Cathedral or the historic city centre. More information in this brochure:  https://cdt45.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/Heritage-sites.pdf

- Its museums: the fine art museum, the contemporary art museum or Joan of Arc’s house. More information in this brochure:  https://cdt45.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/Museums.pdf

- Its parks and gardens: https://cdt45.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/River--parks---gardens.pdf

- If you have the opportunity to travel a bit further afield, you might like to visit some of the celebrated castles of the Loire, play golf or visit the famous ZooParc de Beauval and see its newborn pandas! More information in this brochure:  https://cdt45.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/Castles-and-golf.pdf

- If you prefer other activities, there is much to occupy you. Also, if you wish to simply drink and eat, Orléans is also a good place for “farniente à la française”: https://cdt45.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/Out---about-2.pdf

Finally, for more information on all of the above one can download the full tourism guide here: https://cdt45.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/Office-de-Tourisme-Orleans-Val-de-Loire-Guide-2018.pdf


Château de Chambord Le Grand Salon, Château de Cherverny Panda at the ZooParc de Beauval

Photo credits: Chambord, Arnaud Scherer, Wikipedia - Cheverny, Manfred Heyde - Beauval, Frédéric Foucher






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