They work, they replicate, they Live! - how space law shoukd regulate the use of synthetic biological organisms used for space industrial operations
Kamil Muzyka  1@  
1 : Institute for Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Space industrialization and the industrial use of celestial bodies is not only a purely academic concept but is also becoming a political, legal and social reality. Concepts revolving around in-space manufacturing, space construction, obtaining resources or creating artificial biospheres are beginning to consider the option to use synthetic microbes in their endeavors. However, besides the rules for planetary protection, there are numerous cases where space law lags behind the prospects provided by advanced technologies. In this presentation, the author will present problems with the use of synthetic organisms in outer space, especially outside of manmade space objects, as well as address possible solutions to these legal loopholes and wormholes. What if synthetic organisms could be considered space objects?

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